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End-to-end Design, Development, Deployment, Support & Maintenance

Mooi Studios is a one-stop-shop for your custom game development needs: our team members are multidisciplinary and versatile and have expertise in multiple aspects of game development, allowing a rapid, flexible and robust development approach.  We offer bespoke services for all aspects of game development.

Game Design

Whether your game is a social online game, PC platformer or mobile puzzle game, we will take care of all of your design needs. From the initial specifications and game design document, to monetization techniques and play testing.


We develop games for mobile (iOS, Android and Windows game development), PC (Windows, Mac and Linux OS), and consoles (Xbox). We use both Unity and Unreal game engines- the most common engines out there. We will find the best architectural design for your game mechanics.

Game Art
& Graphics

We cater to all of your game art needs- from the initial concept art and prototyping, to character and environment modeling in 3D and 2D, texturing, rigging and animation, GFX and of course integrating them all in the game engine (Unity or Unreal).


There is much more to UI design than just creating the buttons (and we know how to make those too). We design user-friendly user interfaces for seamless user experiences.

Music& Sound Design

No need to find an external musician and SFX specialist- we do it all in house here at Mooi Studios with our musical instruments, tools and toys.

Back-End, Scalability, Analytics & Big Data Systems

Back-end implementation, together with state-of-the-art analytics systems needed to assess your game’s performance and user behavior. We also happen to have a lot of experience in complex big data systems just in case you are planning on high volumes of traffic, and we use kubernetes to ensure that your game can grow and become viral with no technical hiccups.

QA, Maintenance & Support

Game performance and usability will be optimized and tested every step of the game development process. QA will be performed on the pre-release beta and alpha versions of your game.

Once the game has launched, we stick around to provide any maintenance or support your game might need.

We also provide maintenance and support services for games post-release.

Business & Marketing

Here at Mooi Studios we can also help with your business and marketing needs: submitting the app to the different app stores out there, pushing the game through ads and social media, community building and more.

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