Slap Trump as fast as you can to a nice Mexican tune
while he “trash talks” in his oh-so-special way

Frustrated with Trump’s actions in his first weeks of presidency? Amazed and shocked every time he opens his mouth? In Fake Slap you can let your frustrations go wild by slapping the orange guy as fast as you can in this silly clicker game inspired by current American politics.

Have a good laugh and help a good cause- All of the proceeds in the first week go to the ACLU! Laughs guaranteed!


  • Slap him with hands of all colors, including the pride flag!
  • Level up the faster and longer you slap!
  • Trump says his “typical” phrases while you slap him!
  • Includes unique Trump hair movement
  • Buy extra Slappers- a pussy (cat), crutches and a trout!
  • Worldwide slap statistics
  • Additional slappable characters and statistics coming soon!

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