Idle Plague and the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

We have received many comments regarding our game Idle Plague and the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, and wanted to release a statement on the subject: The Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is a serious situation developing in China and the rest of the world. Our hearts go out to the victims and their…

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Fun AND educational- the making of Catomolo

With 300,000 downloads and rising, Catomolo, the educational recycling game, has been a huge success © copyright 2018 T.M.I.R. Manufacturers recycling corporation in Israel LTD When the talented Dori Adar approached us with the Catomolo project, we were immediately excited to work on it. You don’t get the opportunity to…

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Microtap- An Idle Adventure Through The Human Body

In our last post, I described how we got to making a clicker/idle game. To summarize, we were very interested in the way clickers have a concentration of most the psychological elements that appeal to people in games. Or like I like to put it- pure game mechanics stripped of…

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Why I Love Clicker Games

What the Heck? The first time I saw someone playing a clicker / idle / incremental game, it was Egg, Inc. by Oxbrain Inc. All the chicken squawking and the obsessive clicking just made my head spin. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to play such…

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Making Fake Slap!

When Donald Trump won the election we all thought to ourselves that he might not be that bad, right? That everyone should give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance... Then he started his presidency.... After the initial disbelief and shock in the first weeks of the…

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Choosing Functional Programming for Our Game

In the last couple of months I have been learning how to program. The decision to sit down and learn how to code came inevitably despite my enormous efforts to avoid it up until now. As I mentioned in my previous posts, my plate is already full with 3D graphics,…

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Chasing Rainbows (or: How I Chose my Palette)

It’s no secret that colors are a super important part of game design. They can create a mood/ambiance for the whole game (e.g. Limbo) or give each level a unique feel (e.g. Ori and the Blind Forest). Colors can also be used to guide the player or give him/her tips…

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Playing Around with Game Physics

It has been ages since my last post, mostly because my brother got married last week (congratulations again if you are reading this!). Tons of family stuff going on means no time for game development unfortunately :( But we are back! So I just wanted to give you a quick update on the…

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Inspirations for our Game

We found a name! At least a temporary one- Ufology (pronounced Yufology)!! As I mentioned in my first blog post, both Oscar (@spacepluk) and I grew up when video games first started becoming popular in arcades, consoles and home computers in the early 80s. I used to spend hours playing…

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