About Us

Mooi Studios is a husband-and-wife indie game duo dedicated to making games that live in the beautiful world between art and technology. We just released our game Fake Slap! A silly clicker game inspired by current American politics. We are currently working on two games- Microtap and Ufology. Microtap is a unique clicker game inspired by the 80s animated series “Once Upon a Time… Life”. Ufology is an old-school arcade space shooter with modern graphics 🙂

Oscar Morante does programming, game design, audio and a bunch of other stuff. Oscar is from Gran Canaria, Spain, and has been programming since the age of 6. Besides games, he also loves pixels, guitars, fountain pens and mechanical keyboards. And his wife who is writing this text 🙂

Liran Grunhaus does the game design, graphic design, business and a bunch of other stuff. She is originally from Michigan, USA, but has been living in Israel on and off for most of her life. She is a biologist-turned-game designer who also loves photography, music (specifically indie rock), cats and sleeping.

We live and work in our apartment in Tel Aviv with our two cats Nadia and Ziggy, 10 minutes walking from the beach 🙂

Jorge, Oscar’s brother, helps us out with programming when we need it, as do the army of robo-minions waiting for our command 😀


Stay tuned for updates!