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We are a husband-and-wife indie game duo dedicated to creating fun, creative and engaging experiences through our games. Both of us are 80s kids that grew up playing all of the classic video games on our Amigas, Ataris, Nintendos, Game Boys and more. We are passionate about what we do and love both the artistic and technological aspect of making games.

We are a multidisciplinary team- we firmly believe that versatility is key to efficient, flexible and fast game development. Both of us do a little bit of everything during the game development process. And if needed- Jorge Morante and Rachel Sur help us out with the programming and writing, respectively.

We are based out of Berlin, and live with our two cats Nadia and Ziggy, which are very much part of our game development process!

We also have an army of robo-minions waiting for our command 😀
Stay tuned for updates

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Liran Grunhaus

Liran does the game design, graphic design, business and a bunch of other stuff. She is originally from Michigan, USA, but has been living in Israel on and off for most of her life. She is a biologist-turned-game designer who also loves photography, music (specifically indie rock), cats and sleeping. And flamingos. They are awesome.

Oscar Morante

Oscar does the programming, game design, audio and other quirks. Oscar is from Gran Canaria, Spain, and has been programming since the age of 6 (approximately when he broke his first computer too). Besides games, he also loves pixels, guitars, fountain pens and bacon. And his wife who is writing this text 🙂

Jorge Morante

Jorge mostly does everything we ask him to do, except write his own bio. And we are waiting to see how long it takes him to notice this 🙂
But now seriously, he is also from Gran Canaria, Spain, but currently lives in Barcelona. He helps us with the programming, and he loves beards, rubik cubes, bass guitars and his dog Hermes.

Rachel Sur

Rachel does the character and story development for our games. Originally from New York, New York, she has also lived in Berlin and Tel Aviv. She's currently dealing with her looming writing deadline by watching cat videos on YouTube and binge viewing series on Netflix 😉

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