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When Donald Trump won the election we all thought to ourselves that he might not be that bad, right? That everyone should give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance… Then he started his presidency…. After the initial disbelief and shock in the first weeks of the Trump presidency, all I could think to myself is that if the situation weren’t deeply deeply troubling and sad, it would be hilarious. Everything about the orange man and anything that comes out of his mouth (or Twitter account) is so ridiculous and completely and utterly unpresidential. Then the idea of Fake Slap was born.

It started off as a joke. Oscar said that it would be awesome to make a game where all you do is slap Donald Trump, and show charts that correlate his actions as President with the amount of slaps he gets worldwide. We played around with the idea- but I was hesitant at first, I was honestly afraid that he might sue us! Seriously, if the game got even the slightest attention, it isn’t that far fetched, right? (Please don’t sue us, pretty please??). Slowly I was convinced that Trump is probably not going to sue us, as there are other games and such out there. And besides- if he did, it would be incredible publicity!

At the same time, the #Resist movement had already started, the Women’s March had happened and it seemed there were quite a few game devs that were doing what they can to join in. I found that very inspiring. I’m an American citizen, and I felt a want to do something too. So it was decided. We would make Fake Slap, and donate all of the profits from the first week to the ACLU, and maybe percentages of the following weeks’ profits as well, depending on how it goes (we do have to eat you know).

We decided that initially, Fake Slap would be a funny one-screen clicker game. You slap Trump as fast as you can to a typical Mexican tune, while he “trash talks” with his typical lovely phrases (it took me hours to find all of those phrases!). You can slap him with a variety of different colored hands, or choose to purchase a pussy(cat), crutch or trout to slap him with as well (I strongly recommend the pussy, it’s hilarious). Your total slaps are counted, so once we get enough people slapping Trump we can put in the statistics of world-wide slaps, and see how they correlate with what he does as president :).

Fake Slap

If the game is successful, we would love to develop the idea into something bigger- definitely add more slappable characters such as Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Benjamin Netanyahu, and see who gets the most slaps and when. And of course add combos, more slappers and customizable stuff. Show us if you like it so we can develop the idea further!

Fake Slap will be available next week on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon (well, hopefully, still waiting for the app review, ugh).  So make sure to download it, and watch a lot of videos (or buy stuff of course), its for a good cause! And share it far and wide, we would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Well done! I have been practicing my slaps and improving as we go along. The idea of having a worldwide, country-by-country slapping context seems great. Let see what happens. The combination of slapping and those sentences seems original and reminds me of how many ugly remarks has this president allowed himself to utter. Great work Mooi studio!

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